Dumpster Rental in Denton TX

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Dimensions: 14x7x4 (LWH)
$ 490 Area Specific
7 day rental
  • $20 a day for each additional day past the first 7.

    All prices include drop off, pick up, and disposal fees.

  • Includes 4,000 pounds (2 tons). Each additional 1,000lbs is $50.

    Prohibited Items: Dirt, Brick, Concrete, Trees, Shingles, Paint.



Dimensions: 14x7x6 (LWH)
$ 540 Area Specific
7 day Rental
  • $20 a day for each additional day past the first 7.

    All prices include drop off, pick up, and disposal fees.

  • Includes 4,000 pounds (2 tons). Each additional 1,000lbs is $50.

    Prohibited Items: Dirt, Brick, Concrete, Trees, Shingles, Paint.

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Are you looking for a reliable Denton dumpster rental company? Mad Trash can take care of your dumpster rental and junk removal needs. Our services are sure to exceed your expectations with friendly staff and on-time pickups.

Why Work With Mad Trash?

Mad Trash is one of the leading dumpster rental providers in Denton TX, and was founded on a genuine love for the community. We are constantly striving to improve ourselves to accommodate our clients better. 

We are known for our smart methods of junk removal and waste management. Mad Trash invests in the latest equipment and tools, allowing our team to do the job faster and safer than our competitors. 

Here’s why working with Mad Trash is the best decision for your junk removal needs:

Community-Centric Approach

Mad Trash was created out of a strong affection for our community. We truly value Denton and aim to enhance its cleanliness and beauty. By choosing us, you’re backing a company committed to improving the place we all call home.

Efficiency and Safety

Our commitment to excellence means we’re always investing in the latest equipment and tools to provide you with the most efficient and safest junk removal services in Denton. Our highly skilled team utilizes these resources to complete the job faster and more securely than our competitors.

Exceptional Client Experience

We prioritize your satisfaction above all else. When you partner with Mad Trash, you can expect nothing less than the best outcomes and a top-notch client experience. Our services include:

  1. 24/7 Availability We’re here for you around the clock, ready to assist you whenever you need us. Our flexible scheduling ensures that your junk removal needs are met, even in the most time-sensitive situations.
  2. Fair and Transparent Pricing No hidden fees or surprises—our pricing is straightforward and fair. We believe in transparency, so you’ll always know what to expect when you choose Mad Trash.
  3. Contactless Payment Options For your convenience, we offer contactless payment methods. You can settle your bill without the need for physical contact, ensuring a safe and hassle-free experience.
  4. Same-Day Service When you need immediate junk removal, you can contact us. We offer same-day service to address urgent situations promptly, making your life easier and your space cleaner.

Residential Dumpster Rentals in Denton, TX

Homes don’t typically require large bins. In the event of a renovation, construction debris will accumulate on the property. For this reason, the homeowner must have a trusty team to provide dumpster rental Denton solutions to keep the residence tidy, even when there’s construction underway.

Construction Dumpster Rental in Denton, TX

In the construction industry, debris is a hazard. Workers must maintain the site’s cleanliness to avoid workplace injuries that may lead to legal disputes. Our flexible junk removal and dumpster rental keeps construction areas clutter-free and safe for workers.

Roll-off Dumpster Rental in Denton, TX

No matter your needs, Mad Trash has a solution that will accommodate cleanups of any scale or type. We provide roll-off dumpster rental services at the most competitive prices. Once the bin is filled, we will come by and remove it. Our team even helps you load the dumpster if there are heavy items you want to do away with. 

Is a Roll-Off Dumpster in Denton Expensive?

Renting a dumpster in Denton, TX depends on a few key things. The size of the dumpster, how long you need it, and the company you pick all play a role in determining the cost.

In Denton, going for a roll-off dumpster is a budget-friendly and practical option, especially for big tasks like home renovations, construction, or major cleanups.

For accurate pricing tailored to your needs, it’s a good idea to reach out to Mad Trash. They’re a reliable company known for being affordable and can give you specific rates based on what you’re looking for.

How Mad Trash Works?

Mad Trash allows you to dispose of your garbage in no time. So whether you need to get rid of unwanted items on your property or need a dumpster rental, we are happy to help. Below is a breakdown of our processes:

Denton Dumpster Rental: Clearing the Way

  • Schedule a Drop-off: When you’re in need of a dumpster in Denton, just reach out to us. Our friendly team will work with you to schedule a convenient drop-off time and location.
  • Delivery to Your Doorstep: Mad Trash takes care of the logistics. We’ll bring the dumpster right to your residence or business establishment, saving you time and effort.
  • Fill Up the Bin: Now, it’s your turn. Fill up the dumpster at your own pace, whether it’s for a home renovation, construction project, or any other cleanup.
  • Timely Pickup: When you’re done or when the bin is full, we’ll be back on time to pick it up. You won’t have to worry about the disposal; we handle it for you.

Denton Junk Removal: Quick and Convenient

  • Get in Touch: If you’re looking for junk removal services, simply give us a call or shoot us a text. We’re here to assist you.
  • Show Us What Needs to Go: To make the process even smoother, send us a photo of the items you need us to dispose of. This helps us prepare for the job.
  • Your Preferred Date and Time: You get to choose when it’s most convenient for you. Pick a removal date and time that works best for your schedule.
  • On-Time Removal: As scheduled, our team arrives promptly to take away the garbage, leaving your space clean and clutter-free. With Mad Trash, you’re just a few easy steps away from a cleaner and more organized space. Whether you’re renting a dumpster or need junk removal, we’re here to make the process as simple as possible.

Choosing a Dumpster Rental Sizes in Denton, TX

15 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster Rental


Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 4 feet (Length x Width x Height)

Cost: $500 for seven (7) days – Plus $20/day for each additional day.

Holds: Up to 4,000 pounds (2 tons) – Additional weight incurs a fee of $50 per 1,000 lbs.

Inclusions: Our pricing covers drop-off, pick-up, and disposal fees for your peace of mind.

Prohibited Items: Please note that this dumpster is not suitable for disposing of dirt, brick, concrete, trees, shingles, or paint.

20 Yard Roll-Off Dumpster Rental

Dimensions: 14 x 7 x 6 feet (Length x Width x Height)

Cost: $550 for seven (7) days – Plus $20/day for each additional day.

Holds: Up to 4,000 pounds (2 tons) – Additional weight incurs a fee of $50 per 1,000 lbs.

Inclusions: Our pricing encompasses drop-off, pick-up, and disposal fees to simplify your experience.

Prohibited Items: This dumpster is not suitable for disposing of dirt, brick, concrete, tires, shingles, or paint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a roll-off dumpster?

A roll-off dumpster is an open-top bin and utilizes wheels to facilitate movement allowing for easy maneuvering.

Why rent a dumpster?

Dumpsters have a larger capacity that holds more trash than regular bins. As a result, they are especially beneficial for construction sites, commercial establishments and residential properties that are under renovation or repairs.

How long can you rent a dumpster?

Flexible Rental Period: Our standard rental period is 7 days, but if you need it for a shorter or longer duration, we can make arrangements to fit your schedule.

What dumpster rental options are available in Denton, TX?

Sizes That Suit You: Mad Trash offers 15-yard and 20-yard dumpsters for rent. We also provide services for junk removal and waste management to meet your specific needs.

how much does it cost to get a dumpster for junk removal?

Pricing That Fits Your Budget: Our 15-yard dumpster rental costs $500, and the 20-yard option is available for $550.

What Can Our Dumpster Rentals Handle?

Versatile Trash Storage: Our roll-off dumpsters can handle most types of trash or junk, making them a practical choice for various projects.

What items can't go in a dumpster?

Mad Trash abides by waste disposal regulations both at local and federal levels. Therefore, our bins don’t accept paint, concrete, oil, rocks, dirt, bricks and tires. Our team inspects our dumpster before hauling them off, and we will remove any restricted materials found.

Securing a Permit for Renting a Dumpster in Denton

Securing a permit for renting a dumpster in Denton, Texas might be necessary, depending on where you’re located and the local rules. To navigate the process, follow these easy steps:

Reach Out to Local Authorities

Start by getting in touch with the Denton City government or the local permitting authority. They’re your go-to source for up-to-date info on dumpster rental permits.

Share Project Details

You’ll likely need to provide project specifics, like where you’ll place the dumpster, how long you’ll rent it, and what it’s for (e.g., renovation, construction, cleanout). Mad Trash can offer you all the necessary details as well.

Stick to Local Rules

Make sure you follow the local regulations and guidelines for dumpster placement and use, including info from Mad Trash. This might cover factors like how close it can be to property lines, roads, or neighboring structures.

Pay Permit Fees

If a permit is needed, you might have to pay a fee. The cost can differ based on where you are and the scale of your project.

Get Your Permit

Once you’ve completed all the necessary steps and met the requirements, you’ll be granted the permit to legally rent a dumpster in Denton.

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