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Construction Debris Removal– Eliminate Junk Without Renting A Roll-Off Dumpster

As the top commercial junk removal specialists in Fort Worth, Keller, Haslet, and Denton we know exactly how to get rid of hard to eliminate construction debris waste. Keep reading to learn more about how we help construction companies and general contractors keep their worksites clean and speed up the project’s completion.

Concrete pickup and Commercial junk removal

Remodeling projects that involve foundation work, flooring, or pavement often end with a pile of busted-up concrete. Mad Trash Fort Worth can recycle concrete with or without rebar so it can be used for future residential and commercial landscaping projects. 

It may not be at the forefront of your mind when you’re rushing to clean up after a job, but unused concrete slabs and demolished concrete still hold value. When you hire Mad Trash, we recycle everything we can and pursue sustainable dumping alternatives before hauling construction debris to a local landfill. Refined concrete products can become new pavement, asphalt, foundation concrete, mulch, or even oceanic reef habitats.

Asphalt disposal

Asphalt is 100% recyclable in Texas. Discarded asphalt pavement and shingles can be recycled and turned into new products that can be used for roads, driveways, and sidewalks. Better yet, it’s environmentally friendly and a great alternative to gravel. 

Scrap wood disposal

Wood is one of the most abundant waste items discarded during a remodeling or renovation project. However, this is another material that has no business going to the landfill. Typically, wood demolition waste can be re-milled into new lumber or turned into wood chips or mulch. 

If the wood is untreated, we can take it to a local recycling facility. But if it’s been treated, varnished, or painted, we’ll take the necessary steps to dispose of the wood at a local landfill. 

Scrap metals

Mad Trash provides local homeowners and contractors with an easy way to recycle scrap metal from construction sites. We recycle copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, palladium, iron, tin, and more. Whatever junk your construction company needs to have removed, whether ferrous or nonferrous, our team of construction debris removal specialists can help. 

Drywall Disposal

A lot of construction debris is combined with residual drywall also known as sheetrock. This can make drywall disposal a bit tricky because of its gypsum core. When gypsum is dumped at a landfill, it can combine with other organic materials and create a lethal gas so many dumps prohibit waste management teams from dumping there. You should also avoid burning drywall to avoid any toxic fumes. The best way to get rid of this building material is to call Mad Trash TX. We can safely recycle the materials and alleviate some of the hassle for your construction company. 

Brick Disposal

Bricks are heavy, awkward, and shouldn’t be thrown into most trash heaps since they’re also not biodegradable. Not to mention, large quantities of bricks take up a lot of space in already overcrowded landfills. Before opting for a landfill, we recommend trying to get rid of them through a local exchange program or donating them. A lot of people use bricks for DIY projects and exposed bricks are a popular home design element.

Mad Trash Fort Worth– Commercial Junk Removal

Almost all types of construction debris can be recycled, including concrete, metals, lumber, tile, plastics, porcelain, masonry, rock, insulation, carpet, and drywall. If you have construction debris lying around that you need to get rid of, call Mad Trash in Fort Worth, Texas. We have plenty of experience helping construction companies and general contractors clean up their worksites. Call today for more information and pricing. Our commercial junk removal team works with construction companies and general contractors in Keller, Haslet, Denton, Fort Worth Southlake, and beyond.

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