Reliable Community Event Cleanouts

Organizing a community event requires a lot of steps. From figuring out the vendors to renting out tables and chairs to figuring out who will clean up all the bulky junk that is left behind, all must be considered. Most people focus on planning out everything for the event to take place, but many forget to consider the aftermath. Who will clean everything up and return the space to its original state? Where do you dispose of all the junk, such as broken chairs, tables, tents, etc.?

Mad Trash is here to take the heavy load off of your shoulders. Our two-women team can handle any project no matter the size. Whether an outdoor concert just took place or a festival, we have all of your junk removal needs covered. We perform community event cleanouts and ensure that all the bulky junk is disposed of properly.

What Kind of Community Events Need Junk Removals

We would argue that any community event would benefit from junk removal services. Mad Trash has listed some of the events that could use our help below.

Outdoor Concerts 

When you think about a concert, all you may picture is a stage and chairs for those that choose to sit. However, it is composed of much more than that. There are booths that are set up for vendors. There are tables set out for those that purchase food. The touring performer might have props that they throw out into the crowd, such as glow sticks and beach balls. People might bring their own things to wave around as well. Or let’s talk about all those cans and bottles that are left all over the place. A huge dumpster would be nice. If any booths, chairs, or tables break, you definitely need a junk removal service too.


At least once a year, towns and cities will host a carnival or festival to help support their community. These events are usually very popular and bring in people from all over the neighboring cities. Events with lots of foot traffic also result in needing a lot of help to clean up afterward. That’s why volunteers are always appreciated. They clean up all the food and cans that are left all over. They gather all the items that were left behind by people. Some of the rides may leave junk behind, and the list goes on. What will you do with all this gathered junk? Mad Trash’s community event cleanouts are the solution!

Catering Events and Food Festivals

Maybe your community hosts catering events for its townspeople or maybe some food festivals. It’s a similar story as the events above. There will always be junk left over after the event. Mad Trash is here to help you simplify those community event cleanouts. We offer a number of solutions to fit your individual needs.

Mad Trash’s Comprehensive Junk Removal Services

Every community event is different, so Mad Trash offers a variety of different services to fulfill your cleanout needs. 

Dumpster Rentals

You can rent out a couple of our dumpsters. They are 15 and 20 yards long, and you can rent them for five days. If you need more time with them, all you have to do is ask. We will drop off the dumpsters at your requested location, and we will pick them up once they are full. We will discard all the trash, and recycle what we can. There’s nothing else you need to worry about.

Dumpster rentals are the perfect solution for community events that have a lot of volunteers who can clean up after the event. We supply the space for all the trash to get dumped and taken care of. 

Curbside Junk Pickups

If your community event is smaller, and there’s not a massive amount of junk leftover, you can leave it on the curbside. Just text us a picture of the junk, and we will respond with an estimated cost to discard it. Once you approve our services, we can pick up the junk– sometimes even on the same day.

Complete Junk Removals

After organizing an event or attending it, you might not have the energy to clean up its mess. That’s not a problem for us. Mad Trash can remove all the junk; all you need to do is tell us what needs to go. After that, you can sit back or head home and we will take care of it. We can even work throughout the event, and get rid of junk as it appears.

Mad Trash Is Only a Call Away

If your community event needs junk removal services, we have you covered. We service the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we are always looking for ways to help keep the community clean! Let us know what your needs are, and we will tailor a perfect solution. For more information about our services, feel free to give us a call at any time!

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