Apartment Cleanouts

Are you in need of an apartment cleanouts plan? Did your tenants leave a mess behind when moving out? Is your property management team in charge of getting rid of all this junk? What if it’s ten or fifteen tenants that left a mess all at once? Figuring out who will clean out the junk, how you will transport it, and where you will take it, can be very stressful. Additionally, the longer it takes to clean out the apartment, the longer it stays off the market. And that’s just bad for business. As a property manager, your goal is to always be renting the apartments and getting consistent rent income. If you decide to put the dirty properties on the market, it can ruin your business’s reputation, as well as scare potential tenants away. 

Well, Mad Trash has the solution for you. We provide reliable junk removal services to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This includes apartment cleanouts, storage unit cleanouts, dumpster rentals, curbside pickups, and more!


Appearance is very important to potential tenants. Why would they want to rent a space that isn’t well maintained and has useless or old items? That just takes away space that they are paying for. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you rent a place that is full of junk? 

Now that we’ve established that apartment cleanouts are important before putting them back on the market, let’s go over the best methods of accomplishing it.


Our team is fully equipped with dumpsters and trucks to haul away all sorts of junk. We tailor our services to your specific needs and can assist you during apartment cleanouts or completely manage the entire process ourselves. 


If your property management team needs large dumpsters to dump your past tenants’ junk, Mad Trash has your back. We provide 15 and 20-yard dumpsters. Once you have finished cleaning out the apartments, our team will get rid of the trash for you. For a small fee, we can load the dumpsters for you too. We will take the junk to the landfills, and we also donate whatever we can to local charities!


You can leave your past tenants’ junk on the curb and text us a picture at (817) 676-2536. Our team will send you an estimate for disposing of your trash. Once you approve our services, we can come as early as the same day.


Mad Trash can take care of entire apartment cleanouts. Simply tell us what you need to throw out, and you can relax while we handle it. We haul away furniture, appliances, empty boxes, you name it. We have the manpower to remove all items, no matter how big or heavy they are. Mad Trash is made up of junk removal experts. We will remove the junk without damaging any parts of the apartment. With our help, you will have the apartments back on the market in no time!


If you need apartment cleanouts or other commercial trash collections, get in touch with Mad Trash today. We can deliver same-day service, we’re easy to reach, and we strive for customer satisfaction. Let us know how we can assist you and let’s make those apartments presentable. With our help, you’ll have potential tenants inquire about your spaces as soon as the old tenants leave!

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