Texas' landfill ban prohibits the disposal of certain types of waste

Texas Landfill Ban and limitations

Texas has one of the nation’s largest landfills, but that doesn’t mean you can dump just anything there! The Lone Star State has four types of landfills and each accepts different types of waste. However, things like used oil and oil filters, lead-acid storage batteries, and regulated hazardous waste are off limits regardless of where you dump.

Of course, Mad Trash’s junk removal team abides by all of Keller and Fort Worth’s dumping regulations. Still, we know as someone who’s frustrated trying to get rid of old trash, you want to understand why we can’t take some items to the landfill. So today, we’re going to explain why some junk can’t be taken to the local landfill. 


We’ve all used batteries for some reason or other. Whether it’s to power our vehicles and get to work, light the way with our trusty flashlight, or bring our children’s battery-operated toys to life– this technology works wonders. However, this miraculous source of power can be very dangerous if they aren’t disposed of correctly. If you throw away batteries with your regular garbage, they can get crushed, causing them to catch fire or explode. Aside from being highly flammable, batteries also contain toxic chemicals like lithium and cadmium that can contaminate the local groundwater. 

Different types of batteries need to be disposed of in different ways. Read this to learn the difference between recycling single-use versus rechargeable batteries. 

Liquid waste

Liquid waste like paint, gas, and oil can destroy entire ecosystems and put human health at risk. That’s why local landfills won’t accept these hazardous materials. Hazardous liquid waste generally falls under four categories– sanitary sewage, industrial sewage, storm sewage, and mixed sewage. To get rid of liquid waste, you’ll need to use dewatering, sedimentation, composting, incineration, root-zone treatment, solidification, or enlist the help of a professional liquid waste management company. Click here to learn how to dispose of your liquid waste. 

Medical waste

Medical waste is incredibly dangerous and needs to be carefully disposed of to prevent the spread of disease. Anything that’s contaminated with bodily fluids needs to be thrown in a biohazard waste container or a sharps container. Never throw away things like needles or scalpel blades because you could infect someone with serious diseases like AIDS or Hepatitis. Read here to learn more about disposing of medical waste and where you can buy a sharps disposal container!


Tires are obviously made of rubber, meaning that they can hurt the environment as they leave behind an oily residue. They can also start fires which are increasingly concerning as some major U.S. states endure ongoing wildfires. The best way to safely discard old tires is to get them changed at a mechanic that can recycle them or pay a hire disposal company to take them away. 

Mad Trash– The Premier Keller Junk Removal Company

The Mad Trash junk removal team in Keller, Texas knows how to quickly and safely dispose of just about all kinds of junk. If you need our services just send us a text message and we’ll send the team out to take care of the project in less than 48 hours– no matter the size.

Unfortunately, due to Texas’ landfill regulations, we can’t dispose of the four aforementioned junk types. But if you still have any questions, give us a call and we’ll share all of the information, resources, and recommendations we have available. Most of these Keller junk removal companies are highly specialized and will only accept one type of junk. That’s why our junk removal specialists will be ready and willing to help you clear out any additional trash safely, quickly, and efficiently. 

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